Intro to Culinary & International Culinary are busy cooking!

Posted by Tara Harvey on 9/27/2021 12:00:00 PM

Intro to Culinary has been studying knife safety and practicing different knife cuts.  They demonstrated all they've learned about safety, cutting station set-up and knife cuts during their pico de gallo lab! They were AWESOME!!!



International Culinary has been exploring food culture, herbs/spices, and staple foods of families around the world. Today they made a stable food item from scratch - homemade tortillas! Mixing, kneading, and rolling dough. This was a fun first lab to get them comfortable in their kitchens and ready to explore new regions and the cuisines around the world!



I'm so proud of how well they executed their time management and knowledge through these hands-on learning experiences!

- Christian Winn