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Empower Creativity

Curiosity sparks PASSION and CREATIVITY.

EPiC re-imagines education by encouraging the in-depth exploration of topics as students participate in the adventures of learning. EPiC students apply their new knowledge by creating and exhibiting their learning to multiple audiences.


In order to better understand the power of their own creativity, learning is framed through a lens by which students can connect to the greater community and the world. This provides a sense of ownership in their own passions, while building empathy and purpose as learners seek their place in the world.


Kindergarten: We are Builders

First Grade: We are Leaders

Second Grade: We are Storytellers

Third Grade: We are Connectors

Fourth Grade: We are Changemakers

Fifth Grade: We are Designers


Creativity and innovation is practiced every day with our focus of voice and choice. We use design thinking and design challenges within our curriculum to cultivate creativity and foster the 21st Century Learner, which encourages critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills and increases students’ awareness to problem solving real world issues and finding multiple ways to look at one problem. Collaboration is an integral part of all we do, both within the grade level for projects and across grade levels.


“People driven by pursuit that push them on the edges are often not on the periphery, but on the frontier, testing the limits of what it is possible to withstand and discover.” - Sarah Lewis