• EDGE Learning

    Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning: EDGE learners immerse in project-based learning around The Global Goals to learn key knowledge and skills that connect disciplines in authentic ways.

    Mastery of Learning: EDGE learners work toward attainment of essential learning outcomes until they have mastered the competencies required for course credit and can show evidence of learning through a portfolio process.

    Language Acquisition: EDGE learners engage in language learning and have the opportunity to attain the Seal of Biliteracy and/or the Global Seal.

           Exhibition Night      Stream Team

    EDGE Experience

    Travel: All EDGE learners are provided the opportunity for travel experiences within the local, regional, national, and international community allowing students to develop the global competencies and cultural capital through authentic experiences among different cultures. Learning is directly connected to these experiences before, during, and after travel.

    Interim Terms: Within each school year, an interim term is embedded allowing all EDGE learners the opportunity for week-long deep dives into unique travel, work, or academic experiences.

    Village Communities: EDGE learners are part of a “village” that meets throughout the four years of high school creating a home base to build community and grow and reflect on personal and academic growth. Each village is facilitated by an EDGE teacher who also supports students through their mentoring, internship, capstone, interim, and travel experiences.

             Interim Week - WWI Museum        Mr. Brown

    EDGE Impact

    Mentoring and Networking: EDGE learners pair with mentors from the local, regional, or global community that provide coaching on life and professional skills.

    Professional Immersion: EDGE learners participate in shadowing and/or internship experiences designed to apply academic and interpersonal skills in authentic work-based learning experiences. Partnerships with companies that can also provide access to global problems, global communications, and global interactions will be sought.

    Capstone: EDGE learners develop and implement an impact project designed to have global influence and demonstrate pursuit of the global competencies.  

                   Career Immersion Guest Presenter               Mr. Anderson

    EDGE Environment

    EDGE is located in The View, a newly renovated wing of Liberty High School. Get a view of the EDGE spaces: 

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