• This is EDGE! edge clue game

    The EDGE community is a dynamic environment where students have a unique opportunity to interact with one another to brainstorm, research, problem solve, create, and make impact. 

    EDGE is a mix of Liberty High School and Liberty North High School students, from grades 9 - 12. There are 100 students within our microschool, creating a small and personalized environment within our larger high school community. Because students spend 4 to 5 class periods of their school day within the EDGE environment, it quickly becomes a tight-knit community.

    Project PlanningStudents engage in learning sessions, discussion seminars, project work, and solution design, and are often working collaboratively to solve problems. EDGE students collaborate in ways that fuel their curiosity and allow them to take initiative and be change agents. Students are also working independently to research ideas and practice the skills to show mastery of course content. The space in EDGE allows students the opportunity to easily work independently or collaboratively when needed. Our students often comment that they learn a lot about how they learn in EDGE, and have the autonomy and support to make decisions about how, when, and with whom they are going to complete their learning for the day. 

    EDGE students exhibit a variety of learning styles, learning needs, and learning interests. Our students are pursuing a range of career paths, from farming to engineering to marketing to law. What they have in common is an interest in learning about global issues, applying learning from their classes to solve real-world issues, and finding ways to be a change agent. Because EDGE teachers work together using a team approach, students have a network of support to navigate their coursework and projects.