What is competency-based learning (CBL)?

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Curriculum Information

Parent Work Group

Learning Progression Scale

  • Middle School Learning Progression Scale

DESE Success-Ready Student Work Group

  • Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education


    DESE is proud to have Missouri educators Mike Fulton, Matt Goodman, Pam Hedgpeth, and Jeremy Tucker leading this work. We’re also working with the Missouri School Boards Association on this important effort.

    Refer to the DESE Success-Ready Student Work Group website for all meeting notes and the most recent documents.

    5 Essential Questions:

    1. What is competency-based learning?
    2. What strategies, including professional development, are needed to support the implementation of competency-based learning?
    3. What are barriers to competency based learning that need to be addressed locally and statewide with policy and practice?
    4. How can the assessment system (including MAP) be redesigned to support student mastery of priority standards, ensuring high school, college, career, and workplace readiness and meet federal requirements?
    5. What is the framework and approval process for districts to voluntarily customize MSIP 6 requirements in order to implement CBL practices, including assessment evidence?


Reporting Dates

Reporting Dates
  • Middle school students attend summer classes