• Summer Reading Opportunities

    Let’s Celebrate Reading!

    Everyone who participates in reading this summer will receive a Summer a Reading Award in the fall.  

    Complete a Summer Reading BINGO Sheet:

    Summer Reading BINGO 

    Reading BINGO not your thing?

    Alternative Summer Reading Challenge.

    Hey guys! I know Reading BINGO isn’t for everyone, so this year I’m offering an alternative to participate and still earn the reward. It is a create your own summer reading challenge. 

    How does it work?

    Set a reading goal for yourself this summer. Yep, it’s that easy!  

    Sample goal ideas if you aren’t sure what to do: 

    Your goal could be:

    • Go into Sora and read or listen to a set number of books
    • Go through Clever to enter reading in Beanstack and earn badges 
    • Take 2 quizzes on Quia (3rd-5th grade)
    • Read 20 minutes before bed 5 days a week,
    • Read one book from 10 different genres, 
    • Check out 5 or 10 books from the library and read them all, 
    • Use the library research page and learn about new things every week,
    • Listen to 5 audiobooks on Sora through your iPad,
    • Complete the MCPL summer reading program, 
    • Read a book every week and create a video book talk for each one,
    • Read and take quizzes on next year's award books, or
    • email Olivia Schuman (olivia.schuman@lps53.org) to figure out something that works for you. 

    Make your goal measurable. 

    Set an amount to your goal, either number of minutes or number of books.

    Decide how you will know you met your goal. Does it end when summer ends or when you reach a certain amount?

    Finally, make sure your goal challenges you a little bit but doesn’t make you feel defeated.. Don’t make it too easy and don’t make it too hard to reach.

    What’s the point?

    The goal is to help you create a reading habit and for you to find enjoyment in reading something (anything).  The more you practice, the better you will get especially if you try to make it a little harder than just picking things that are easy to read.