• Market Value Assets (MVA's)

    A Market Value Asset is defined as industry valued and recognized skills acquired in high school that create a more seamless transition from school to postsecondary education and/or the workplace.  Students who leave high school with a diploma and market value assets are more likely to enroll in postsecondary education/training and successfully navigate the journey from school to employment.  

    Liberty Public Schools requires all students in the class of 2025 and beyond to earn at least one MVA in order to graduate from Liberty Public Schools.  See the different MVA areas below for more information on earning an MVA in LPS.  

  • Work Experience MVA

    Students complete meaningful workplace job tasks that develop readiness for work, knowledge, and skills that support entry or advancement in a particular career field. 

  • Industry Recognized Credential (IRC) MVA

    The State of Missouri recognizes specific reginoally veted IRC's that can be obtained in LPS by completing specific courses and passing specific assessments related to those courses.  Click here to learn how to earn an Industry Recognized Credential MVA

  • College Credit MVA

    Liberty Public Schools offers numerous ways students can earn College-level credit, progressing toward a degree or credential.  Click here to learn how to earn a College Credit MVA.

  • Entrepreneurial Experience MVA

    Students identify a compelling social or market problem and mobilize resources to solve it.  Leveraging input and support from multiple stakeholders, students iteratively analyze, prototype, implement, reflect and adapt potential solutions.  Click here to learn how to earn an Entrepreneurial Experience MVA.