• Technology Tutorials:

    iMovie Tutorial

    Adobe Spark Tutorial


    LPS Technology Help Link 


    Tech Tips:

     Keyboard Issues:

    Hold the power button and the Home button simultaneously until the screen goes black and then the white Apple appears. Let go and wait until it comes back on. Try the keyboard. If it still doesn’t work, remove the iPad from the case and then put it back into the case.


    Printing from Google Docs/Drive/Slides on iPads:

      1. Open the Google Drive app
      2. Find the document on the dashboard (do not open the document)
      3. Tap the three dots next to the document
      4. Tap Print
      5. Choose a printer (DMS LMC or DMS LMC Color)
      6. Make sure the size is Letter (where it says Paper)
      7. Tap Double-sided and turn this off
      8. Tap Print
      9. Log in with your district username and password

    Printing from Photos:

      1. Tap the Action button
      2. Tap Print
      3. Choose a printer
      4. Change Paper to Letter
      5. Turn off Double-Sided
      6. Tap Print


    Printing Images from a Google Search:

      1. Hold your finger on the image
      2. Choose Copy to Photos
      3. See above


    Adding Images to Google Slides/Docs:

      1. Use the Slides/Docs app. If that doesn’t work, try using Safari
      2. If using photos taken personally, be sure they are not live photos. If so, screenshot the photos.


    Locating Copyright-Friendly Images: please only allow students to use copyright-friendly images

    Britannica Image Quest:

    1. Go to the DMS website
    2. Tap Library at the top
    3. Tap Digital Resources
    4. Tap Library Resources
    5. Tap Britannica Image Quest

              *Tap Cite for the MLA citation

    Google Images:

    1. Google search
    2. Tap Images
    3. Tap Tools
    4. Tap Usage Rights
    5. Tap Creative Commons Licenses

    *Will have to create citation from scratch


    Split Keyboard:

      1. Split to 2 Keyboards- 2 thumbs swipe out
      2. Bring Back to 1 Keyboard- 2 thumbs swipe in


    Reader View in Safari:  takes extra ads out and shows only words on website:

      1. Go to website
      2. Click the 4 lines to the left of the url
      3. Click AA next to url
      4. Show Reader View

    *Font type, size, and color can be changed in this view


    iMovie Shortcuts:

    Image iMovie:

    1. Click +
    2. Click Media
    3. Click Photos
    4. Select photo
    5. Click +



    1. Click +
    2. Click Audio
    3. Click Sound Effects, Soundtracks, or My Music
    4. Select file
    5. Click +



    1. Click Titles
    2. Select title
    3. Click on title and type text on screen
    4. Click Done



    1. Click icon between slides
    2. Select a transition from the menu at the bottom of your screen
    3. You can select the same of different transitions for each slide

    Speed of Images/Titles:

    1. Click on image/title
    2. Drag right side of image/title box to be longer (the longer the box, the longer the image/title will stay on the screen