Liberty Public Schools is committed to an educational program that recognizes the unique value, needs, and talents of each student. We further believe that each student, regardless of race, creed, intellect, or socioeconomic status, has a right to opportunities that will develop their potential to the fullest extent. Liberty’s program for gifted students strives to create a positive environment in which each student has the opportunity to develop higher level critical and creative thinking skills, participate in differentiated exploratory activities based on individual needs and interests and enhance a healthy self-concept in order to become a self-directed learner who fully appreciates and utilizes personal potential.



    Students who come to school with advanced knowledge and unusual learning capacity need a curriculum that is differentiated and matched to their learning characteristics.  Those characteristics include the capacity to handle content at an advanced level and pace, the ability to explore areas in significant depth, the tendency to ask and grapple with difficult questions, and the desire to use leadership abilities to make a difference in the world at large.  At the same time, gifted students are unique and as different from one another as they are from the population as a whole.  They demonstrate different characteristics depending on their cultural, educational, and economic backgrounds.