Office of Equity (est. 2020)

  • LPS Mission:

    • Inspire and equip all learners to discover their voice and unlimited potential.

    LPS Vision: 

    • A future-focused community with a passion for lifelong learning.


    Building upon the prior accomplishments of the District Leadership Team (DLT) Equity Work Group, the LPS Office of Equity was established at the beginning of the 2020-2021 S.Y. to support the District’s mission of becoming a more diverse, equitable and inclusive school organization. Dr. Andrea Dixon-Seahorn was appointed to the newly developed role of Chief Equity Officer by the LPS Board of Education. She previously served as Executive Director of Elementary Education leading the District’s eleven elementary schools and early childhood center. 

    The Chief Equity Officer role serves as an advocate and champion for diversity, equity, and inclusion across all programs and departments associated with the school organization. This includes working in close collaboration with district and school  leaders, stakeholder groups within the district, and with external partners to shape, promote, implement the strategic plan; promoting a culture of inclusion and embracing differences in support of the District’s strategic efforts to build an equitable and inclusive culture for all students, families, employees, and the community. As well as guiding efforts to assess, define, and cultivate diversity as a valued institutional and educational resource; providing direction and collaborating with leadership to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the school system through a cross-disciplinary approach; and serving as a member of the Cabinet and the Strategic Leadership Team.

    Below, you will find a visual that captures the prior work of the DLT Equity Work Group to define the terms: diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as state our aspirations as a school organization. These core DEI values now serve as a roadmap for actionable steps within the Office of Equity in support of the District’s equity-centered strategic plan which was implemented at the start of the 2019-2020 S.Y.

    LPS DEI Mission & Aspirations Visual- Version 2

    If you are having trouble viewing the image, you may download the document.

Contact Information

  • Dr. Seahorn

    Dr. Andrea Dixon-Seahorn
    Chief Equity Officer


    Kimberlee Linard
    Executive Administrative Assistant

    Phone: 816-736-7099