ICAP / 4 Year Plan

  • What to Consider

    • What is an ICAP?
      • ICAP stands for Individual Career and Academic Plan. ICAPs are essentially roadmaps that help students plan their high school academic experiences around their post secondary goals. The goal is to guide students and families towards exploration of career, academic and multiple post-secondary opportunities. 
    • What’s the purpose of an ICAP?
      • The purpose of this plan is to help you get the most out of your high school experience. We want you to leave high school with knowledge and hands-on opportunities that have prepared you for the career you want to pursue. Creating a plan ahead of time will help you meet your long term goals.
    • How do I develop an ICAP?
      • The screencasts and links below will help you to create an effective ICAP. The idea is to select courses for your four years that will help you achieve your postsecondary career goals. 
    • I don’t know what I want to do after high school. What should I do?
      • Great question! Naviance has tools that will help you narrow down your career interests. For more help and information, click the Career Interest Profiler link below. 


    Tools to help create ICAP

    -Screencast- explains why ICAPs are helpful for postsecondary planning & how to fill out ICAP

    -Powerpoint- explains why ICAPs are helpful for postsecondary planning

    -ICAP Form - 

    *You are welcomed to print your completed ICAP, however, we strongly encourage students to follow the download instructions on JayBlock Canvas*

    ICAP Downloading Instructions:

    1. Click the ‘ICAP form’ link
    2. In top right corner, click ‘more actions’ or the 3 vertical dots
    3. Select the ‘download’ option
    4. Click the downloaded file at bottom of the browser
    5. Rotate the ICAP by clicking the square and arrow icon in the middle of the browser
    6. Fill out ICAP
    7. Click the download icon in the top right of the browser-make sure to select the with changes option.
    8. Your ICAP is now saved to your Macbook!

    -Course Catalog Link

    -Career Pathways

    -LPS Graduation Requirements


    Ask Yourself These Questions...  

    - What course requirements do I still need to complete?

    - What are my interests?

    - Am I enrolled in courses that correlate with my postsecondary plans?

    - What additional postsecondary preparation opportunities do I want to take advantage of? (A+, seal of biliteracy, career tech certificate, etc.)


    Additional helpful tools

    -College Supermatch

    -Career Interest Profiler

    -Virtual Academic Fair