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      We are committed to celebrating our students' academic achievement. Current freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors are eligible to apply for an Academic Award. Achieving an Academic Award is an excellent accolade to add on academic resumes and college applications.

    Applications must be completed each year.  Academic Award Certificates will be awarded at the end of each school year for seniors and awarded during the following Fall semester for all other students.

    Students will receive a chenille letter and bar the first year.  Each subsequent year they will receive a bar upon lettering. 
    The application must be completed before the deadline, and students must receive a minimum 3.5 GPA  in order to be eligible. 

    Seniors must submit their applications no later than April 23, 2021.

    Freshman, sophomores and juniors must submit their applications no later than May 28, 2021. 

    *Please make sure the email addresses entered on the electronic form are correct. Communications regarding approval/denial information will be sent to the email addresses entered on the electronic form only. 
    Please click the link below to apply: 
    Any questions about the Academic Award or the Academic Award process can be sent to Mr Lane Green.