• Dr. Birk

  • Dear Families,

    Welcome to the Liberty Early Childhood Center! We are the developmental preschool for the Liberty School District. At the Liberty ECC, we believe all children are unique and have a right to respect. We support the development of the whole child by providing opportunities for learning in all developmental domains that are based on the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Early Learning Standards. Our Early Childhood Team strives to create an environment that is safe, nurturing and language rich along with a curriculum that challenges early learners through creativity, choice and learning through play. Additionally, we recognize and value the important role a parent plays as their child’s first and most influential teacher. It is our goal to provide information and resources to families so that we can partner to make the most out of these influential early years of development.

    Please take time to explore our website to learn more about early education programs offered through the Liberty Public Schools.

    Every Child...Together!

    Dr. Sarah Birk

    Every Child Together

    "Every Child Together"

  • Our Beliefs

    As the Early Childhood Center preschool team:

    • We treat people with kindness and respect.
    • We recognize the potential in all learners.
    • We honor individual needs.
    • We foster an emotionally and physically safe environment.