LHS Counseling & Social Work Department


    Welcome to the Liberty High School Counseling & Social Work

    Department where we are committed to fostering the academic,

    personal, and post-secondary growth of every student!

    Here to serve our virtual and hybrid students!


  • Please keep the following in mind as your review your schedule:

    To participate in Athletics or any other Missouri State High School Association activites (all athletics, including cheerleading & pom, academic competitions, debate and forensics, district or state music contests - band or vocal, and theatre competitions) you must pass six (6) credit-earning classes in the semester preceding competition and be enrolled in six (6) credit-earning classes during the semester of competition! 

    Should you wish to make a change, Schedule Change Request Forms must be submitted to the counselor by August 29, 2022. If the class requested is full, the schedule change request will be denied. 

    After August 29, 2022 the only acceptable change to a schedule will be as follows: 

    • A gap in schedule (missing an hour). 
    • Students passed/failed a class during summer school that impacts current schedule. 
    • Student has not met prerequisites for a course on the schedule. 
    • Senior is missing a graduation requirement. 

    *Requests to switch class periods or schedule changes based on flex period alone will not be considered. 

    Please complete the Schedule Change Request Form available in the Counseling Office or on the Google Form below. 

    Seniors Only - If you need to complete a Part-Time Student Form, click here to access. Teacher Aide forms will be available once the 2022-2023 school begins. 

    *Please Note: LHS Counselors will return to their offices in August. Schedule changes will be considered at that time.