• The Purchasing and Distribution Department serves students, staff and vendors while seeking the most economical, effective, and efficient acquisition and payment of goods and services for the Liberty Public School District through procedures that instill public trust and foster fair and open competition in accordance with state laws. We are dedicated to supporting the activities of the District in the education of our students.

  • Our areas of responsibility

    Purchasing - acquisition of goods and services in support of District operations and activities; development and execution of purchase orders; conduct bids and issue requests for proposals.

    Contracting - develop contracts for goods and services; review contracts development by District staff, provide contract administration training to departments within the District.

    Fixed Assets - manage the fixed asset management program; ensure fixed assets are properly accounted for and are bar coded upon receipt; conduct periodic inventories at the schools and administrative locations. 

    Distribution and Warehousing - manage inventory of commonly used supplies; deliver orders received from schools and end-users; provide daily distribution/mail service throughout the District; receive and deliver fixed assets; deliver and pick-up tables and chairs for school events; pick-up and manage surplus items; manage a re-usable furniture program. 



    Purchasing and Distribution Department
    Support Services Center
    801 Kent St
    Liberty, MO 64068
    (816) 736-5350