Our Commitments

  • Student Commitments: 

    • Develop academic, extracurricular, and social goals that will help me make the most of my high school experience. 
    • Continuously improve my decision-making skills on how to prioritize and balance my time to meet my academic, extracurricular, and social goals. 
    • Check my Liberty Hour schedule using the LEH system and attend assigned tutoring. 
    • Appropriately communicate with my teachers in advance when conflicts occur and partner to create a plan.

    Parent Commitments: 

    • Encourage my student to develop academic, extracurricular, and social goals that will help him/her make the most of the high school experience. 
    • Encourage my student to continuously reflect on progress toward these goals and use the available resources (tutoring, club access, weekly planner, etc.) as support.

    Teacher Commitments: 

    • Assign students in need of academic support to tutoring sessions using the LEH system. 
    • Record attendance in LEH system daily by the end of Liberty Hour. 
    • Be in designated area at the start of Liberty Hour and maintain the learning environment by actively tutoring or supervising. 
    • Support students in effective decision-making and goal-setting by coaching these skills when necessary.

    Administrator Commitments:

    • Establish a safe and productive school environment that meets the intended Liberty Hour goals.
    • Support students in making effective decisions on how to use Liberty Hour time.
    • Support teachers in creating impactful Liberty Hour supports for students.
    • Continuously monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of Liberty Hour.