Why Liberty Hour?

  • Liberty Hour is an opportunity for students to live out the LHS Core Values.

    Community​: Get involved in our school community through clubs and peer collaboration.

    Learning​: Invest in your learning with academic tutoring and studying.

    Empowerment​: Gain empowerment as you decide how to best use time to meet goals.

    Accountability​: Be accountable to your grades and goals with the support of teachers.

    Respect​: Respect yourself and our school community by working to be your best.

    The teen brain is wired for optimal learning!

    Because of how the brain develops, research shows the capacity of a person to learn will never be greater than during adolescence (NIMH). Our goal is to maximize the opportunity for students to learn and Liberty Hour creates a flexible time in the school day when all students have the opportunity to access additional teacher support.

    The teen brain needs socialization to mature!

    Teens are wired for peer approval. Learning how to take risks among the comfort of friends is an important and natural step for students to develop into independent adults. Liberty Hour provides a time during the school day for students to engage in the social exploration that is necessary during this phase of life.

    The teen brain needs support with making good decisions.

    The emotional part of the teen brain is in a highly active mode, while the logical part of the brain is still developing into the 20s. The teen brain is wired more for risk, peer approval, and reward, rather than long-term planning and goal-seeking. Liberty Hour provides a safe and structured learning environment for students to develop the skills to become reasoned decision-makers who can prioritize and balance.