Student Work

  • Computer Science

    Hallmark Database Field trip

    On March 8th the Network Admin classes traveled to Hallmark’s Database inside their downtown offices to learn about their database and computer systems. Hallmark houses a database server for all for all of their internal projects and work. The students were taken on a tour of the database facility and were able to walk through and experience the setup of the database and servers at Cerner. Students also learned about redundancy and the need for back-ups in order to run a database with limited downtime so that the company can run at full potential and efficiency. The needed information that Hallmark provided is crucial to the students’ knowledge for the future and life in information technology and business.


    Cerner Database Facility Field trip

    On February 28th the Network Admin and AP Computer Programming classes traveled to Cerner’s Database facility to learn about their database and computer systems. Cerner houses one of the largest databases in the Kansas City area, and its clients are many hospitals and other health-related information. The students were taken on a tour of the entire facility and were able to experience the setup of the database and servers at Cerner. Students learned about redundancy and the need for back-ups in order to run a database 99.99% of the time in order to keep their clients online. The needed information that Cerner provided is crucial to the students’ knowledge for the future and life in information technology.


    Sports Marketing

    Sporting KC Field Trip

    On Tuesday, November 6, 2012 the Sports Marketing classes at LHS traveled to Live Strong Sporting Park. Students toured the facilities and learned about the unique partnership between Sporting KC and the Live Strong brand. This partnership is the first of its kind to combine professional sports with a non-profit organization, which means that a portion of all merchandise, food, beverage and ticket sales goes to the Live Strong Foundation to help fund activities that promote cancer awareness and healthy living. Students were granted access to all the club levels at the stadium, including the exclusive Field Club where season ticket holders can high-five players before games and watch the players and coaches conduct post-game interviews. Many thanks to Shannon Broderick at Sporting KC for such a wonderful opportunity!


    Personal Finance

    Stock Market Project

    The Stock Market Project is a project where the student picks multiple stocks and the students track their stocks weekly. The project is a competition to see who can make the most money. At the end of the project whoever made the most money and had the most successful stocks wins.


    Web Design Projects

    Student's Semester Web Design Projects

    Advance and Introduction to Web Design finish the semester by designing their own websites.  Following a criteria for design, students express themselves through this project.  The topic, content, and graphics are all their own. 


    Advanced Web Design

    Student Designs a Company's Website

    Advanced Web Design students were given the task of designing a website as a class project. One student's design put Quantum TMT, LLC on the web. The website that started as a class project, was completed by student Tanner Wetzel. Tanner worked with a marketing associate as well as the president of the company in order to design a working website that best fits the needs of the company. Jo-Anne Davis, Sales, and Marketing says, "Tanner was a great partner and I appreciated his commitment to this project. Tanner was creative, diligent and took the initiative to learn the software in an effort to meet design goals."


    The company approached the Liberty High School Business department with an idea that would benefit students and fulfill a need they had. President Larry Briscoe notes, "We take our social responsibility to mentor young students very seriously, giving them opportunities to innovate, share ideas and develop concepts that will affect their career and life goals." Wetzel volunteered for the project in order to gain real-world experience. "I volunteered because it would be a good experience to put on my resume. It's always good to have real-world experience" The website is now hosted and being used by the company.



    Design a Coke Machine

    Advance Web students explored to the complicated world of Human-Computer Interface by designing a Coke machine that has more than normal choices and multiple payment options.  The objective was to give the customer many choices without adding complexity to the standard beverage vending machine.  In this project, students practiced design principles that strive to achieve an efficient exchange between human and machine.



    Students Writes Business Plan

    One of the classes offered at the LHS Business Department is Entrepreneurship. In this course, students study what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the modern market. This class combines many different aspects of business including marketing, finance, networking, and accounting. The largest project for students in this class is to create a comprehensive business plan for a business of their choice. The students pick a business, then are guided through the extensive process of creating a business plan. At the end of the course, students give a presentation of their business plan as if presenting to potential capital investors. Student, Jared Mellema, wrote a business plan for a coffee shop. He was specific to Liberty in determining the target market and financial. His business plan is a great example of the business excellence that is expected.

    Jared's Business Plan can be seen at this link Jared Mellema's Business Plan

    International Business

    What NOT to do in a Foreign Nation

    In International Business students researched proper business etiquette in different countries. Students could express the rules of behavior in any manner. Two students shared what "Not to do in a business meeting in Ireland" through video.


    Introduction Programming Final Project

    Students design a game of their choosing.  Although we can't load the game to play, we have loaded for your viewing an example play of one of the games.