• Accounting

    Accounting is a year-long course designed to provide an understanding of the principles and procedures of accounting using both manual and electronic methods, including hands-on computer activities. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to handle the daily recording and financial activities of the typical small or medium-sized business. College-bound students will be better prepared for future study in accounting.

  • Advanced Web Design

    Students will plan, design, and maintain the high school website. Additional topics include creating multimedia projects, advanced Dreamweaver concepts, and collaboration through Web 2.0 tools, Javascript, PhP, and CSS. Teamwork and collaboration will be a major function of this course. This is an Independent Study course.

  • AP Computer Science

    AP Computer Science will teach the fundamental programming concepts of an introductory first year, college level computer course. The course places an emphasis on Java classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, programming methodology and abstraction, efficient use of proper algorithms, elementary data structures, standard Java libraries problem solving skills, and preparation of the AP exam.

  • Business Management

    This course will integrate an introduction into various courses of study for the future business student including: Economic Systems, Business Management, Marketing, Business Law, International Business, E-Commerce, and Human Resources.

  • Computer Architecture

    Computer hardware and software will be explored to create a foundation for future computer courses.  Students will disassemble and assemble a PC, install peripheral devices, attach multiple machines to form a network, and write a basic computer program.  In addition, students will evaluate the cost effectiveness of technology, security of computing resources including data/information, and the impact of technology on society.

  • Computer Programming

    Computer Programming is an introductory course with hands-on exposure to object-oriented programming. Students study the relationship between hardware and software, about logic structures, and how to develop algorithms for problem solving. Students will utilize 3D graphical environment to create multimedia programs. Students will achieve significant preparation for immediate and post-secondary experiences.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship is a course to help students learn the process of developing a business or business idea. Introductory business concepts will be taught along with entrepreneurial skills. Students will be required to apply the learned concepts in developing a business plan for a business of their choice.

  • Fundamentals of Marketing

    This is a year-long course for students who are interested in a career in the field of merchandising, marketing, and management. This course includes instructional areas designed to provide an understanding of the fundamental marketing processes and orientation to the American Free Enterprise System. Seniors may combine this course with a Marketing Internship and will be given first priority for enrollment in this course.

  • Introduction to Business

    Business and computer skills are essential for success in today's age of global and technological competitiveness. The role of career readiness and technology education is to prepare students to succeed in an environment where change is contagious. The course is designed to introduce students to business operations in a global economy while providing a foundation for future business courses. Students will attain an understanding of how management, technology, marketing, accounting, entrepreneurship, and human resources impact the workplace. Students will explore social responsibility and ethics, basic economics, and practical applications of business software.

  • Introduction to Web Design

    Students will study web design principles to gain a better understanding of how to design and maintain successful web pages. Students will utilize HTML Macromedia, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop. Upon the completion of this course, students with a grade of B or above will be eligible to take the Advanced Web Design course and manage the high school website.

  • Marketing Internship

    This is a year-long internship. Students are placed in employment that directly contributes to the development of the competencies necessary for successful employment in the field of marketing. The student must be concurrently enrolled in Fundamentals of Marketing. This is a cooperative vocational education program and must follow Department of Elementary and Secondary Education guidelines established for these programs. Requirements for Internship: 1. Be a senior combining this course with supervised employment. 2. Be at least 16 years old. 3. Maintain employment in a qualifying job to be eligible for this course. Job placement assistance is available through the teacher/coordinator during the school year, one week after each school year ends, and one week before each school year begins. 4. Have an orientation meeting with the teacher, parent(s), and employer and fill out the necessary forms and discuss the internship policies, expectations, and state mandated guidelines. 5. Have teacher approval for entry into the internship.

  • Personal Finance

    Personal Finance is designed to prepare students to make wise financial decisions. Topics include personal budgeting, banking services, understanding credit, taxes, investment options, risk management, automobile purchases, and consumer rights and responsibilities. Emphasis is placed on developing decision-making skills for real-life financial situations. Personal Finance is a course designed to help students become informed consumers. This course will focus on specific consumer issues that will be encountered during life. During the course, students will study the U.S. economic system, smart consumerism, money management, guarding against fraudulent or deceptive sales practices, and socially responsible behavior. This course will help prepare students for life on their own

  • Sports Entertainment Marketing

    This course will help students develop a complete understanding of the marketing concepts and theories that apply to sports and entertainment events. The areas this course will cover include: basic marketing, target marketing, sponsorship, event marketing, promotions, sponsorship proposals, and sports marketing plans. This course will also uncover the components of promotion plans, sponsorship proposals, and the key elements needed in sports marketing plans.

  • Sports Entertainment Marketing II

    Sports Marketing 2 is a practical application of curriculum learned in the prerequisite Sports Marketing course currently offered at LPS. Students will engage in real-world applications of sports marketing including career studies, partnering with coaches/athletic directors, creation/organization/implementation of gameday promotions and sponsorship sale recruitment and fulfillment for every sport. Students will be expected to participate in activities requiring additional time outside of class before, during, and after school.