Scholarships & FAFSA Info

  • LPS Community Scholarship Program
    The deadline to submit applications for the 2022-2023 School Year has passed.

    If you applied and are being awarded a scholarship from one or more of our community organizations, you can expect to receive notification by the end of April congratulating you on being selected as a scholarship winner. You will not know which scholarship or scholarships you have won until presentations are made at the Awards Night, Monday, May 2nd, at 6:00 pm in the Liberty High School Performing Arts Theatre. A representative from each organization will be on hand to present winners with their certificate and award.

    Please click HERE to begin the FAFSA process.



  • Local KC & Regional Scholarships
    Our local and regional scholarships are housed in Schoolinks! 
    STEP 2 : SELECT Finances > Scholarship Matching

    STEP 3 : Answer the question prompts to determine your scholarship eligibility.
    STEP 4 : Select District Posted to view the Local and Regional Scholarships Available.

    As we are notified of opportunities we update our Schoolinks database, so check back often for new scholarships!