• Elementary Gifted Program

    The elementary gifted program is referred to as P.E.A.K. (Personalized Enrichment and the Advancement of Knowledge). Students who qualify for PEAK services attend gifted classes one day a week with a certified gifted instructor at one of our two gifted centers. Second through fifth-grade students receive services at one of our two gifted site locations. The Alexander Doniphan Gifted Site services students from Alexander Doniphan, EPiC, Kellybrook, Liberty Oaks, Manor Hill, and Shoal Creek.   The Ridgeview Gifted Site services students from Ridgeview, Frankin, Lewis and Clark, Lillian Schumacher and Warren Hills. Students in the program are transported from their home school to the gifted site within the school day. 

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    Alexander Doniphan 

    Ridgeview PEAK Website




    Secondary Gifted Program

    Upon entering 6th grade, all students identified for the gifted elementary program can select class options that include regular core classes, advanced classes, and gifted classes. The middle schools offer gifted language arts, gifted math, and gifted science classes. 6th Grade Course Options for Students Identified Gifted


    Secondary Websites - Middle Schools

    Discovery Middle School

    Heritage Middle School 

    Liberty Middle School

    South Valley Middle School


    Students identified as gifted may enroll in gifted ELA classes in 9th and 10th grades.  

    Secondary Websites - High Schools

    Liberty High School

    Liberty North High School