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  • **Last updated Tuesday, May 4, 2021**
    Congratulations to the following LNHS, LVS, LHS students who have advanced to the National level of the National History Day Contest!
    This year has had increased challenges that our students have overcome with positivity, creativity, and passion. We are so very proud of their hard work and achievement. Students will revise and defend their works virtually in June. 
    Liberty North High School - Teacher, Kimberly Brownlee 
    • Katherine MacKenzie - 1st in Senior Individual Performance with her research titled, "The Right of Every True American: Nisei Draft Resistance"
    • Alayna Pickard, Madison Tucker - 1st in Senior Group Performance with their research titled, "Love Thy Neighborhood: The Fred Rogers Story"
    • Breanna Coonfare - 2nd in Senior Individual Website with her research titled, "Diaries From the Holocaust: The Paper Trail From Past to Present"
    Liberty Virtual High School - Teacher, Kimberly Brownlee 
    • Addison Vallier - 2nd in Senior Individual Performance with her research titled, "One with the Other: the Story of Luce Mangione D'Eramo"
    Liberty High School - Teacher, Maggie Brooks 
    • Naomi Fuller, Adam Fuller - 1st in Senior Group Documentary with their research titled, "Decrypting the Past: United States War Codes and Codebreaking in World War II"
    • Kalea Faubion, Avery Jolly - 2nd in Senior Group Website with their research titled, "Movements for Matter: Protests of the Civil Rights Movement"
    Middle School Students Also Advance to National Level of National History Day Contest
    Liberty Virtual School - Teacher, Rebecca Groebe
    • Camden Findlay - 2nd place in Junior Individual Documentary with research titled, "The Influence of the Enigma Machine on the Field of Cryptology"
    Discovery Middle School - Teacher, Carrie Sparks
    • Jordan Naseem - 2nd place in Junior Individual Performance with research titled, "Braille: Understanding the World Through Touch"
    Alternate Delegate
    South Valley Middle School - Teacher, Kathy Laffoon
    • Bryce Harms and Derrick Davis - 3rd place in Junior Group Website with research titled, "World War II Cryptography: The Key to Understanding"
    Liberty HS Vocal Music Solo/Ensemble Contest Results
    Gabe Baldaia - Gold; Becki Beebe - Gold; Madeline Belcher - Gold; Daniel Blakeman - Silver; Erin Brage - Silver; Jake Brandt - Silver; Avery Branson - Silver; Max Campbell - Gold; Mallory Chapman - Silver; Avelyn Dickerson - Silver; Ian Dickerson - Gold; Elinor Dow - Silver; Grace Fisher - Gold; Ashton Garcia - Silver; Andrew Hand - Gold; Jackson Herrman - Gold; Evan Marley - Gold; Nathan Middleton - Gold; Regan Mills - Gold
    William Jewell Football Youth Camp 2021
    Youth Camp: 4-day camp (not overnight) intended for rising 3rd-8th graders.
    Our mission is to promote competitiveness and sportsmanship while developing football-specific skills. Youth Camp will not require pads or a helmet.
    Camp Dates/Times/Cost: June 7th-10th; Registration/Check-In: 8 AM at Greene Stadium on June 7th; Daily Pick-Up Time: 2:45-3:05 PM; Cost: $300/Camper; Registration: Everyone who attends must be registered online at https://williamjewellfootball.totalcamps.com/shop/ product/28042; What To Bring: Football Equipment - cleats and a mouthpiece; Personal Items - water bottle and sunscreen; other merchandise will be available for purchase throughout the Youth Camp; Additional Benefits: each camper will be provided lunch each day as part of the camp cost (please contact our camp director about any food allergies); each camper will also receive a William Jewell Football Camp T-Shirt (which will be expected to be worn on Thursday the 10th).
    Additional Questions? Please contact our Camp Director, Coach Neil Linhart. Email: linhartn@william.jewell.edu. Phone: (708) 768-1822
    Camp Staff: Mike McGlinchey, Head Football Coach; Neil Linhart, Offensive Coordinator (QB’s); Jerome Riase, Defensive Coordinator (OLB’s); Moses Harper, Offensive Line Coach; Clarence Anderson, Wide Receivers Coach; Louis Cortes, Defensive Backs Coach / Recruiting Coord.; Pat Hansen, Inside Linebackers Coach; Hampton Smith, Defensive Line Coach.
    KNET and Eagle's View staff members brought home many awards last week in the MIPA state competition.
    • All-Missouri Daily Show *while numerous schools can win in a category, for this particular category, we were the only school to win All-Missouri for our daily announcements show. 
    • All-Missouri PSA-- Michael Schwalm; All-Missouri Online Editorial Package-- Morgan Griffin, Cidney Kirkendolph, Michael Schwalm, Ian Toney; All-Missouri Online Sports Package--Cole Lemasters and Ava Henry
    • Superior Live Sports Broadcast-- North Nation Media Staff; Superior Overall Show with Video-- North Nation Media Staff; Superior Overall Newsmagazine Show-- Cole Lemasters; Superior Broadcast News Feature-- Grace Livia; Superior Broadcast Sports Feature -- Cole Lemasters; Superior Editorial Cartoon-- Maddie Hartman; Superior Infographic--Maddie Hartman; Superior Online Feature Package-- Madi Burrow, Jack Gahr, Abby Roberts; Superior Online Feature Package--- Grace Johnson, Aly Klug; Superior Online Sports Package-- Cole Lemasters
    • Excellent Broadcast Human Interest Feature-- Grace Flener; Excellent Broadcast Human Interest Feature--Jazyln Summers ;Excellent Overall Newsmagazine-- Eagle's View Staff; Excellent Overall Website-- NNM and EV Staffs; Excellent Broadcast News Feature-- Jack Gahr; Excellent Online Sports Package-- Hailey Wineland and Ellie Platt; Excellent Student Life Photo-- Ellie Platt; Excellent Student Life Photo-- Ellie Platt; Excellent Radio/Podcast-- Michael Schwalm and Jack Kankiewicz
    • Honorable Mention Newsmagazine InDepth Feature-- Makena Dickens and Emma Suppes; Honorable Mention Newsmagazine News Feature-- Makena Dickens; Honorable Mention Online Feature Package-- Jaden Klug and Mary Martinez; Honorable Mention Portrait Photography-- Ellie Platt; Honorable Mention Sports Photography-- Ellie Platt; Honorable Mention Sports Reaction Photography-- Ellie Platt; Honorable Mention Radio/Podcast-- Paige Alexander, Makena Dickens Morgan Griffin, Maddie Hartman, 
    Congratulations to the Spectator Yearbook staff for the numerous awards they won at the 2021 Missouri Interscholastic Press Association (MIPA) State awards.
    2021 Overall Yearbook Award - Staff - Superior
    2021 Overall Theme/Concept - In The Air - Paige Magera and Emily Graham - Superior
    2021 Design - Way Up in Germany - Paige Magera - Excellent
    2021 Mod/Infographic - What We Play - Abby Chambers and Emma Clark - Superior
    2021 Traditional Package - Academics - In the Spotlight - Abby Chambers and Trella Jackson - All Missouri
    2021 Traditional Package - Student Life - The Great Escape - Amber Avery and Addison Carillo - All Missouri
    2021 Traditional Package - Sports - Faith Mantia and Sutton Richardson - Excellent
    2021 Writing - Together We Stand - Amber Avery and Emily Hoefer - Excellent
    LNHS Yearbook - the Ayrie - Award Winner
    March 30, the Missouri Interscholastic Press Association announced its award winners for the 2020-2021 school year, and the Ayrie, the yearbook at Liberty North, received an award rating for every single entry submitted competing against yearbooks across the state of Missouri. In a virtual announcement, MIPA announced awards in four levels: All-Missouri, which is the top, followed by Superior, Excellent, and Honorable Mention. The following yearbook and photojournalism students received awards. 
    All-Missouri Award:
    Audrey Culver: Theme Package; Audrey Culver: Photo Illustration; Brinn Patterson: Sports Photography; Caitlyn Burns: Sports Photography; Preston Demark: Student Life Photography; Audrey Culver: Portrait Design; Mady Glenn: Traditional Sports Package; Brooke Anderson: Traditional Sports Package; Audrey Culver: Student Life Design; Mady Glenn: Student Life Desgin
    Superior Awards:
    Joey Macaluso: Sports Reaction ; Caitlyn Burns: Sports Reaction; Rylie Hutchison: Academic Overall Package; Haylee O'Meara: Academic Traditional Package; Audrey Culver: Traditional Student Life Package; Mady Glenn: Traditional Student Life Package
    Excellent Awards:
    Caitlyn Burns: News Photography; Kate Grundy: Yearbook Mod
    Honorable Mention:
    Megan Brose: Sports Photography; Ella Hayes: Yearbook Sports Writing
    Liberty High School Speech & Debate Students Qualify for Nationals
    Congratulations to the LHS Speech & Debate students who have qualified for the 2021 national tournament which will be held virtually in June.
    Sal Bonadonna Humorous Interpretation
    Kennedy Naseem Humorous Interpretation
    Caleb Goodwin Duo Interpretation
    Jeff Laubscher Duo Interpretation
    Kelsey Theilen Original Oratory
    Paige Magera Informative Speaking
    Olivia Sherman Dramatic Interpretation
    Rand Brown Dramatic Interpretation
    Drew Cason Policy Debate
    Logan Heil Policy Debate
    Bela Sullivan Public Forum Debate
    Aryana Yazdi Public Forum Debate
    Grace Guillaume Public Forum Debate
    Kiran Deol Public Forum Debate
    Charlotte Brookins Supplemental Events
    Regan Mills Supplemental Events
    Olivia Cotton United States Extemporaneous Speaking
    Sam Torno United States Extemporaneous Speaking

    All-State & All-District Honors
    Congratulations to all the talented LPS Band, Orchestra, Choir, and Debate students who qualified for All-State and All-District honors!

    LHS All-State Band
    Grant Owen, 1st Chair Percussion Option 1, All-State Orchestra; Jillian Arnold, 3rd Chair Tuba; Catherine Duncan, 1st Chair Tuba, Honorable Mention; Charlie Cope-Morris, 4th Chair Bassoon, Honorable Mention

    LHS All-State Choir
    Kennedy Naseem, Alto; Gabe Bladaia, Tenor; Will Pierce, Bass; Becki Beebe, Soprano, 2nd Alternate

    LHS All-State Orchestra
    Jonathan Fang, Violin; LilyAnn Willis, Viola

    LHS All-State Speech & Debate
    Andrew Hand, Duo Interpretation; Evan Marley, Duo Interpretation; Sal Bonadonna, Humorous Interpretation; Regan Mills, Storytelling

    LNHS State Band
    Mitchell Smith, 1st Chair Bassoon; Braden Baker, 4th Chair Alto Saxophone; Josh Nelson, 4th Chair Percussion/Snare Drum; Will Elling, 5th Chair Trombone; Kenny Riley, 1st Alternate Contra Bass Clarinet

    LNHS All-State Choir
    George Barge, Soprano; Jacob Aldridge, Tenor; Jacob Hagen, Tenor; Duncan Sanford, Tenor

    LNHS All-State Speech & Debate
    Georgia Barge, District Champion - Dramatic Interp; Max Hodes, District Champion - Lincoln Douglas Debate; Alec Walls & Addie Kimmerle, District Champions - Policy Debate; Jami Lewis & Lianna Morelli, Duo Interp; Briggs Maynor, Humorous Interp; Alayna Pickard, Poetry

    LHS All-District Band
    Jillian Arnold
    , 2nd Chair Tuba; Grant Owen, 2nd Chair Option 1 Percussion; Catherine Duncan, 4th Chair Tuba; Jamie Phelan, 9th Chair Clarinet; Courtney Athearn, 1st Chair Flute, Honorable Mention, AD Alternate; Charlie Cope-Morris, 2nd Chair Basson, Honorable Mention, AD Alternate; Zach Rogers, 4th Chair Trumpet, Honorable Mention; Greta Witt, 4th Chair Tuba, Honorable Mention; Eli Witt, 4th Chair Option 1 Percussion, Honorable Mention; Eric Leuenberger, 5th Chair Tuba, Honorable Mention; Natalie Smith, 5th Chair Horn, Honorable Mention; Alex Boyd, 7th Chair Horn, Honorable Mention; Norah Topel, 8th Chair Horn, Honorable Mention; Aaron Rearick, 9th Chair Clarinet, Honorable Mention

    LHS All-District Jazz Band
    Jackson Harrison
    , 1st Chair Tenor Saxophone; Alex Fuhrman, Alternate Drum Set

    LHS All-District Full Orchestra
    Jonathan Fang
    , Violin, Concertmaster; Iman Ali, Violin; Lily Ann Willis, Viola; Alexis Carver, Viola

    LHS All-District String Orchestra
    Olivia O'Reilly, Violin; Karmen Gonzales, Violin; Alexis Meyer, Violin; Ariel Chen, Viola; Ty Rogers, Viola; Ephram Newland, Bass

    LHS All-District SATB Mixed Choir

    Becki Beebe, Soprano; Erin Brage, Soprano; Grace Fisher, Soprano; Meg Rieger, Soprano; Regan Mills, Alto; Reyna Myvett, Alto; Kennedy Naseem, Alto; Gabe Baldaia, Tenor; Sal Bonadonna, Tenor; Andrew Hand, Tenor; Evan Marley, Tenor; Ryan Roush, Tenor; Patrick Sheeley, Tenor; Ian Dickerson, Bass; Will Pierce, Bass; Landon Robinson, Bass

    LHS All-District SSAA Choir
    Maddie Belcher, Soprano; Taylor Reed, Soprano; Mallory Chapman, Alto; Brenna Oxley, Alto; Alysa Pendergraft, Alto; Allison Weiner, Alto

    LHS All-District TTBB Choir
    Max Campbell, Bass

    LNHS All-District Full Orchestra
    Rachel Adger, Cello, Chair 2; Cole Bryant, Cello, Chair 4; Brianna Newton, Viola, Chair 7; Makena Dickens, Violin 1, Chair 7; Jeremy Brown, Violin 1, Chair 16; Emily Coleman, Violin 1, Chair 17; Xander Carter, Violin 2, Chair 11; Vivian Anderson, Violin 2, Chair 14; Rachel Kim, Violin 2, Chair 16

    LNHS All-District String Orchestra
    Ethan Williams, Bass, Chair 10; Isaac Epley, Cello, Chair 12; Hannah Sanford, Viola, Chair 3; Hannah Merenbloom, Viola, Chair 5; Hannah Spainhour, Violin 1, Chair 1; Anna Harts, Violin 1, Chair 18; Keira Green, Violin 1, Chair 13


    LNHS Speech and Debate Students Qualify for Nationals
    Congratulations to the Liberty North Speech and Debate students qualifying for the 2021 national tournament.  It will be held virtually in June.

    Policy Debate - Andersin Carter/Isaac Lozano
    Congressional Debate - Carson Decker, Addie Kimmerle
    US Extemp - Elaine Drotz
    Foreign Extemp - Addie Kimmerle*
    Humorous Interpretaion - Brayden Thomas
    Dramatic Interpretation - Georgia Barge*
    Program of Oral Interpretation -  Santina Juma, Georgia Barge, Riley Berkland
    Duo Interpretation -  Jackson Faulkner/Kyle Leighton-Floyd, Briggs Maynor/Bellamy Brockman
    Informative Speaking - Kyel Leighton-Floyd*, Alyana Pickard, Madison Tucker
    *Competing in another event

    Missouri All-State Choir - LHS Members
    Gabe Baldaia -TENOR; Kennedy Nasseem -ALTO; Will Pierce -BASS; Becki Beebe -1st Soprano Alternate

    KC Metro All-District Choir - LHS Members

    Soprano:  Becki Beebe, Erin Brage, Grace Fisher, Meg Rieger
    Alto:  Regan Mills, Reyna Myvett, Kennedy Naseem
    Tenor:  Gabe Baldaia, Sal Bonadonna, Andrew Hand, Evan Marley, Ryan Roush, Parick Sheeley
    Bass:  Ian Dickerson, Will Pierce, Landon Robinson
    Soprano:  Maddie Belcher, Taylor Reed
    Alto:  Mallory Chapman, Brenna Oxley, Alysa Pendergraft, Allison Weiner
    Max Campbell

    LNHS Band Students Earn Missouri All-State Band Honors
    Congratulations to the following Liberty North band students for earning 2021 Missouri All-State Band honors:  Mitchell Smith: 1st Chair Bassoon; Braden Baker: 4th Chair Alto Saxophone; Will Elling: 5th Chair Trombone; Josh Nelson: 4th Chair Percussion/Snare Drum; Kenny Riley: 1st Alternate Contra Bass Clarinet. Hundreds of students from across the state who previously earned all-district band honors submitted audio recordings to compete for a position in the all-state band. Congratulations Eagles for your monumental achievement.
    LNHS Screaming Eagles Jazz Bands Participate in Virtual Jazz Festival
    The Liberty North Screaming Eagles Jazz Band I and Band II recently participated in the virtual jazz festival hosted by the University of Central Missouri. Each participating band submitted a performance audio recording to be adjudicated by a panel of 3 judges. Screaming Eagles Jazz Band I and Band II each received a Superior (I) rating.
    Sophomore alto saxophonist, Mateo Navarro and senior baritone saxophonist, Kenny Riley, each received a certificate for outstanding soloist.
    Both Liberty North Jazz Bands will be performing in the annual Jazz & Java concert on Sunday, April 11, from 2-4 pm.  The festivities will take place outside on the walkway of the main entrance of LNHS. The most recent Liberty North Jazz concert can be viewed at this link: LNHS Jazz Festival Concert
    Liberty North Varsity Scholar Bowl Team
    Congratulations to the Liberty North Varsity Scholar Bowl team for a magnificent 2nd place finish in the Greater Kansas City Suburban Conference Gold Division Tournament on March 24, 2021.  With an overall record of 5 - 1, the team earned a total of 1590 points.  Additionally, team member Max Hodes was the second leading scorer at the tournament.  Team members include Rachel Adger, Nina Adrineda, Max Hodes, Rachel Kim, Zack Rodick, and Tyler Trickey. The team is coached by Ms. Mary Coogan and Dr. Rosemary Camp
    Missouri Boys/Girls State
    Dr. Precious Kurth and the Liberty North High School community are excited to announce the nomination of the following juniors as this year's participants in the American Legion Boys State (Jake Anderson-Jones, Ethan Lee, and Cooper Potterf) and Girls State (Brooke Rowe, Kiersten Schmalz, and Theresa Sudholt) Programs of Missouri. Boys/Girls State is an 8-day summer program that provides students with incredible leadership opportunities while gaining experience in the operation and fundamentals of government. Students attend camp at the University of Central Missouri for a fast pace, energetic learning experience while gaining invaluable skills and lifelong relationships.  
    LNHS - Missouri Scholars Academy
    Dr. Precious Kurth is proud to announce the Missouri Scholars Academy participants for summer 2021; sophomores Gabrielle Frierson, Keira Green, Santina Juma, and Madison Tucker. Missouri Scholars Academy is an academic program for 330 of Missouri’s gifted students who are ready to begin their junior year of high school. The Academy is sponsored by the University of Missouri and administered by the University of Missouri Honors College. The Academy reflects Missouri’s desire to strive for excellence in education at all levels. The program is based on the premise that Missouri’s gifted youth must be provided with special opportunities for learning and personal development in order for them to realize their full potential. We are so proud of our Eagles!
    LHS - Missouri Scholars 100 Program
    We want to congratulate Lily Baughman and Jacob Fuller on being selected for the 2021 Missouri Scholars Program, a statewide program that honors 100 of Missouri's top academic students in the graduating class of 2021! The Missouri Scholars 100 Program is one of the most premier academic recognition programs in the country. It's truly a celebration of learning. Students who are selected for this program have taken a rigorous course of study and have maintained the highest academic standards. 
    LPS Educators Rising Brings Home State Honors
    Please congratulate the following LPS Educators Rising members for their outstanding performance at state competition on March 10th and 11th! Aspiring teachers and leaders from across Missouri participated in workshops and competitions in a variety of areas, and all Liberty North and Liberty High School students qualified for national competition. 

    Liberty North High School ~
    Job Interview - 1st - Sabrina MadisonHonorable mention - Kimberlie Mason; Children’s Literature K-3 - 1st - Belle Schroeder and Reese McCune3rd - Molly Blackburn; Exploring Non-Core Teaching Careers - 1st - Garrett Lampert; Lesson Planning in the Humanities - 1st - Elaina Gorton; Inside Our Schools - 1st - Neh Awasom and Kimberlie Mason; Educators Rising Moment - 2nd - Belle SchroederHonorable mention - Mary Martinez; Children’s Literature PreK - 3rd - Reagan Burgess and Elaina Gorton; Exploring Administration Careers - 2nd - Sydney Davis; Lesson Planning in the STEM Field - 1st - Reagan Burgess; Public Speaking - 2nd - Alec Walls; Ethical Dilemma - 1st - Alec Walls, Sean Moser, Zack Rodick; Researching Learning Challenges - 1st - Marshonda Cullum, Sabrina Madison, Katherine Mackenzie; Creative Lecture - 1st - Garrett Lampert; 2nd - Zack Rodick

    Liberty High School ~
    Job Interview - 2nd - Ellie Hartwig; 4th - Paige Hodges; Exploring Non-Core Teaching Careers - 4th - Grant Owen; 5th - Jillian Arnold; Lesson Planning in the Humanities - 2nd - Anne Brunk; Lesson Planning in the Arts - 1st - Charlie Cope-Morris; Educators Rising Moment - 5th - Olivia McMorrow; Honorable Mention - Ellie Hartwig; Exploring Support Services Careers - 1st - Anna Achille; Public Speaking - 1st - Paige Hodges5th - Taylor Anderson

    Liberty North Speech and Debate Qualify for State!
    Congratulations to the Liberty North speech and Debate team for qualifying to state in the MSHSAA District Championships.  The team won both the Speech and the Debate sweepstakes in district competition.  The following students all qualified to the State competition in April:  Briggs Maynor - Humorous Interp, Alayna Pickard - Poetry, Georgia Barge (District Champion) Dramatic Interp, Jami Lewis/Lianna Morelli - Duo Interp, Alec Walls/Addie Kimmerle (District Champions) Policy Debate, and Max Hodes (District Champion) Lincoln Douglas Debate.